If you are new to the practice of measuring graves and making candles, see the clip Yom Kippur Candles, Tkhines, And Feldmesterins

If you aren't near a cemetery or the burial place of your ancestors, you might choose to take some wicks and measure an object that belonged to a relative or someone else dear to you whose soul has ascended. 


- Thin rope or wicks

- One or more objects to measure connected to that ancestor (such as candle sticks, picture frame, furniture, etc)

Spontaneous prayer before measuring: 
Here you have an opportunity to write a tkhine, or prayer, in the language of your choice. While some of us may know that tkhines were traditionally Yiddish prayers, this was the common language because it was the vernacular. A helpful way to start is to use one of these prompts compiled by Rabbi Noam Lerman who wrote their thesis on tekhines (links to these resources can be found in the References for Soul Candlemaking clip): 

     I implore/ ask/ entreat/ beg/ plead/request..

     Listen, Lord, beloved G-d..

     Merciful father (mother), merciful father (mother)..

     May it be Your will as I am before you, May it be Your will as I am before you G-d, my G-d, and G-d of my ancestors..

After measuring: hold onto the wicks until after Rosh Hashana. Before Yom Kippur, make them into candles or tie them as a bracelet (protection band). As you do this, you can return to spontaneous prayer and direct your tkhines into what you are making. 

Booklet Section: Remembrance, Elul Blessings, Meditations
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