The text below is an extract from Mendele Moykher Sforim's 'Shloyme Reb Khayims.' which features a beautiful version of the tkhine for making Yom Kippur candles. This was a common tkhine which accompanied this ritual on Erev Yom Kippur. This text was translated by Annabel Cohen. To learn more about tkhines and soul candles, visit her blog at:

Raboyne ShelOylem {Master of the Universe} - merciful God! The candles which we will install in shul, for the sake of your Holy Name and the holy, pure souls, shall rouse the Oves and Imoes - {Fathers and Mothers} – that they should from their graves entreat on our behalf, that no evil, no troubles, no suffering should come to us, and our light, and our husbands’ light, and our children’s light shall not be extinguished before the time comes, God Forbid …

I will place the thread for our father Abraham, who you rescued from the fire in the lime-kiln, that you might also purify us from sin in this way, that our souls might come to you free of guilt, pure as they first entered our bodies.

By the virtue by which I place this thread for our mother, Sarah, should God blessed-be He, remember the virtue of her grief when her beloved son Yitskhok was led to be sacrificed. Let her be a good advocate, that our own children should not be captured from our homes, they should not be taken away from us and not carried off far from us like stray sheep.

By the virtue by which we place this thread for our father Yitskhok, may you take pity on us that we should bring up our children and be able to send them to learn with a rebbe, that like the candles our children’s eyes may light up in learning the beloved Torah

For the thread which we place for our father Yankev, who you saved from his enemies, standing by him in his times of need, so may you save us from all destroyers and accusers that they should not be able to slander us with wrongdoings or fabricate defamation to darken our name. May we on the Day of Reckoning receive a good judgment along with our husbands and children, may we God forbid not be made widows and our children not orphans

By the virtue of Shloyme who built the temple in Jerusalem and prayed that even when a non-Jew, a stranger from another nation, should come into to the temple and entreat you, that his prayers should also be accepted – by this virtue, Master of the Universe, may the gates of heaven not be locked before my prayer, and let me be mentioned favorably with my husband and with my children and with all good people in the New Year. Amen!"

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