Un/Bleach: A COVID Tashlich

i don’t have anymore
“O, G-d!”



please keep living if you can

please keep learning how to respond so someone who isn’t quite living or doesn’t want to keep living can safely land

and please keep sharing the flour

please keep making masks for each other

please keep sending meals to strange houses on strange streets

please keep donating to fundraisers of people you will never meet

please keep making forts and wrapping each other in blankets

please oh please keep taking the time to weep

please keep writing and not writing making art or barely making due

please keep talking about how illness is not some politician’s war

please keep the bleach from ever touching your window
imaginary or real
please keep noticing how the colours of each day feel

and don’t clean that or any of this off
for good

Booklet Section: Looking Back / Tashlich, Remembrance, New Year Blessings, Introduction, Closing, Candlelighting, Seeking Forgiveness, Prayers for Healing & Peace, Prayers, Meditations, Poems, Hand Washing 
Source: Devon Spier