Sukkot Posters

This Sukkot, MAZON invites you to engage in the tradition of welcoming ushpizin by symbolically inviting just a few of the millions of Americans struggling with hunger to join you in your sukkah.

The holiday of Sukkot encourages us to welcome guests and celebrate the harvest. The kabbalists developed a ritual wherein each night of Sukkot a different exalted guest is invited to join us in the sukkah. These ushpizin (Aramaic for “guests”) were traditionally biblical ancestors such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In more recent years, various ushpizin have been invited into the sukkah as honored guests. These ushpizin remind us of our obligation to the poor and hungry in our community, as it is said that the ushpizin would refuse to enter a sukkah where the poor were not welcome.  

Print and display these posters in your congregational or personal sukkah. Each poster highlights a different person, each with a unique story, and features a question to spark meaningful conversation. Sharing these stories is the first step. After your sukkah conversation, we hope you will partner with MAZON to support the nutrition safety net which helps millions feed themselves and their families.Visit our site to download more:

Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to the bounty of our nation’s harvest.  

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